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HD Live Blackjack

Net Entertainment’s live version of blackjack presents the game in high definition and offers the ability to play in real time with live video streaming from NetEnt’s Malta based studio – a state of the art facility. This game is based on standard blackjack and offers all the game options players love. With various betting options, this blackjack game is one of the best live games online.

HD Live Blackjack – Object of the Game

The object of HD Live Blackjack from Net Ent is to get a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. Players will try to beat the value of the dealer hand without busting. If the dealer has blackjack, all players lose unless the Insurance bet was placed.

Player’s Actions

With this version of live blackjack, players will be dealt two face down cards. The dealer will receive two cards as well, but one will be exposed so that players can make their betting decisions.

If players wish to stand with their current hand, they will click on Stand. If they desire another card to be dealt, they will click on Hit. Doubling down is an option and when this is possible, the button to double will appear. The same holds true for splitting pairs in the game. When hands are split, cards will automatically be dealt to the two hands that have been created. The game also offers a Dynamic Billboard. This shows the value of the hands of the dealer for the past 10 games, including the percentages of busted hands and blackjacks.

Dealer’s Actions

  • Dealer must stand on 17, including a soft 17
  • Dealer  must draw on any hand of 16 or lower


Win by:

  • Creating a blackjack with the first two cards dealt.
  • Getting a hand closer to 21 than the dealer.
  • Having 21 or less when dealer busts.
  • Win with an insurance bet, though payout is only 2:1

Basic Game Rules

  • Game is played with 8 decks of standard cards, with 52 cards in each deck
  • Cards are shuffled before each deal
  • Blackjack wins automatically

Our Tips and How To Play

Blackjack has always been a favorite online casino game and with the HD Live version from Net Ent, players will enjoy the most realistic action. In this game, splitting is allowed, but players cannot re-split their hands. A blackjack will pay the standard reward of 3:2. Insurance bets will pay 2:1 and standard wins pay even money. Players will have the ability to double their bets on the first deal. If this is done, a card is automatically dealt. Players should follow basic blackjack strategies for the best chances at winning when playing this live dealer version of the game.

Because of the game being live, there is a time limit with the game and players will have to make their decisions within that stated time. If players do not play their hand on time, the hand will automatically stand. Players who do not bet for three consecutive hands will lose their position at the table.


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