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Bingo Jackpot

About Bingo Jackpot Game

Bingo Jackpot is a basic Bingo game that can be found in all NetEnt casinos With this game, players will play a regular 75 ball Bingo game and will benefit from playing for a massive jackpot win. This game can be played for just $2 per card and players can play as many as three cards at one time. The average payout rate for the game is 90% and there is a great chance to win a progressive jackpot by playing 3 cards.

How to Play Bingo Jackpot Card

Select the number of cards to play, between 1 and 3

Once cards are purchased, players can chose to start the game.

They can manually draw balls or have this done automatically.

The goal is to create a bingo pattern with the fewest balls possible.

Winning Combinations

  • To win with Bingo Jackpot, players will have to get a bongo either diagonally, horizontally or vertically on their cards.
  • The payouts will vary based on how many balls were drawn when bingo was called.

Jackpot Information

To win the progressive jackpot with this game, players will always have to play three cards, costing $6. They will then have to get a full line bingo within the first 6 numbers of the game. When this is done, the player instantly wins the jackpot amount. This jackpot is a local jackpot, so the amount will be different in various NetEnt casinos.

Bingo Jackpot Game Rules

Players will only receive a payout when playing for real money. When there are multiple bingo combinations on one card, the payouts will be higher. By getting bingo with fewer balls, players will enjoy the best payouts of the game.

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