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Max Win Scratch Card

About Max Win Scratch Card Game

Max Win is an instant play scratch card from NetEnt and with this game, players will find the symbols to be fit for royalty. This specialty game offers instant payouts that can be as high as $100,000. This is a great win for a fixed $2 card. With Max Win, players can enjoy the ability to scratch one or all spaces at once and all payouts are instantly awarded to the casino account.

How to Play Max Win Scratch Card

Players will start by buying a Max Win card for $2. There are no other denominations supported.

The cursor used to scratch the spaces on the card can be changed by clicking the scimitar on the lower part of the screen.

Players will then move their selected cursor over the coat of arms symbols on the card. They will click a symbol to break it open. Strike All is a feature that can be used to break open all symbols at once, making the game go faster.

Winning Combinations

  • Players will win an instant cash reward when they get any three matching symbols.
  • The payouts on Max Win will range from $2 to $100,000.

Jackpot Information

To take home the jackpot for the game, players will have to reveal three spaces that have the $100,000 icon. This will award the largest payout on the game.

Max Win Scratch Card Game Rules

Not every card will have a winning combination. If a card happens to reveal two combinations, the one that is worth the most will be paid out to the player account.


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