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Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card

About Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card Game

This scratch card works a bit differently from other instant win games. Instead of scratching to reveal a prize amount, players will try to shoot ducks in the gallery. If they get three ducks that have a star on their backs, they will then scratch the space to shatter a window. This will reveal the final payouts of the game. Players can also choose to shatter the window before shooting ducks so they know how much their reward will be when they shoot the right targets.

How to Play Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card

The Shoot 4 Gold scratch card s a set value card at $2. To play, players have to purchase a card.

They will then break the window to reveal what they are playing for or they can immediately start shooting at ducks.

The game offers three views of the ducks and players can select these by selecting different telescopic sights. Each game will offer six bullets that can be used to shoot ducks.

There are eight ducks on the card and the goal is to shoot six with six bullets. If there are three ducks that have a star, the card is a winner.

Winning Combinations

  • Players will win by shooting three ducks in the gallery that reveal a star on their backs.
  • The payout will vary and is displayed with the smashed window, offering rewards from $2 to $50,000.

Jackpot Information

The top payout is $50,000. The amount of the winnings are offered at random, so players will have to continue shooting ducks with stars to get the best possible rewards.

Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card Game Rules

Even if players shoot all six ducks successfully, they will only win if three of those ducks have a star. The payout is then displayed by clicking a window that shows the payout amount.


 for Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card
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