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Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

About Tribble Knockout Scratch Card Game

Tribble Knockout is a stunning scratch card from Net Entertainment and players will have the chance to fight for the top prize. This boxing themed scratch card offers instant payouts when matching symbols are revealed. The game offers three different settings that can be adjusted. At the bottom of the card, players can click the speaker icon, which will allow the sound to be altered. There is also a question mark that will open the game rules and history, which will reveal how much has been won on previous cards.

How to Play Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

Players will select to purchase a card, which will cost $1.

They can then choose from three different scratch tools to be used.

Scratch individual spaces to reveal prize amounts or choose Scratch All for all spots to be uncovered.

Once all spots have been scratched, players will scratch the lower spot on the card, which will reveal a multiplier, increasing the payouts of the game.

Winning Combinations

  • Three matching symbols must be revealed to collect payouts.
  • The multiplier can increase rewards up to 10x the normal amount.
  • Maximum payout offered is $10,000

Jackpot Information

After revealing matching prize amounts, the multiplier can increase winnings to as much as $10,000.

Tribble Knockout Scratch Card Game Rules

Tribble Knockout is a $1 scratch card that offers basic payouts and a multiplier. With this game, players will scratch all nine spaces to find matches and then scratch the multiplier box to reveal the total amount won. Players can click on Paytable to reveal the possible winning combinations for the game. 


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