NetEnt AB In Regulated Markets

NetEnt AB In Regulated Markets

There are some countries around the world that allow legal online gambling, and others that do not. There are also a number of somewhat grey areas in which a final decision has not yet been made, and there is no gambling legislation either for or against online gambling. Reputable online gaming software providers offer their services in markets that are regulated. Net Entertainment offers its software in a number of regulated markets, such as Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom and others.

What is a Regulated Market?

A regulated gaming market is simply a gambling market that has been legalized in a specific country, or financial market. It would no longer be questionable whether online gaming is legal or not, because the market has been regulated and legalized. When a gaming market is regulated, it is more attractive to operators and players since legalization and regulation provide protection for both the operator and the player. Gaming site operators will need to ensure that they comply with the specific regulations that are set out in the regulated markets that they wish to operate in. More and more grey markets are becoming regulated markets. As this process takes place, the legalized online gaming industry is on a path in which it can grow and expand into the future. 

Why is This Important to Players?

Since gaming software suppliers need to pass a number of tests and fulfill various requirements before being allowed to operate in a regulated market, players can feel comfortable that their interests are being protected. A company, such as Net Entertainment, that is granted a license and permission to operate in a regulated market will need to be fully compliant with the jurisdiction’s rules and regulations, which provides protection for both the operator and its customers. For this reason, it is important for players to make sure to choose a casino that is located in a regulated market. 

NetEnt and Regulated Markets 

The process of entering regulated gaming markets is one which takes planning and experience. In order to ensure a smooth entrance into a newly regulated market, the gaming software provider needs to be clear on the rules and regulations of the regulated market, and needs to offer software that is easily adjusted and flexible enough to ensure that the gaming offering is acceptable according to the regulations of the chosen regulated market.

It is not simple for a gaming operator to acquire a gaming license in a new or an established gambling jurisdiction. NetEnt ensures that it correctly monitors the new markets, makes the appropriate plans and adjusts operational developments to fulfill the licensing requirements and comply to the local gambling jurisdiction. By doing this, the gaming software company assists operators with a smooth transition into the various regulated gaming markets.

Net Entertainment ensures that its software is fully compliant with each of the regulated gaming markets that it enters. When an operator wishes to enter a regulated gaming market, Net Entertainment realizes that the process can be complicated and assigns a team of dedicated experts who can guide the gaming operators throughout the process of entering a new gaming jurisdiction’s compliance process. 

Benefits for Operator and Players

  • Net Entertainment customers will find that they can benefit from the gaming software company’s vast experience in entering regulated gaming markets.
  • The assistance from Net Entertainment will save the operator both time, and therefore money, while the dedicated team of experts assists them in the process.
  • The operator will be given the necessary guidance regarding the technical regulatory requirements instead of having to figure them out on their own. 

Keeping Up to Date

Net Entertainment understands that the gaming market is a challenging and dynamic market. Because of this, the gaming software provider ensures that it stays a step ahead by learning about and understanding the changes that take place in the various regulated gaming markets. The company’s efficiency and flexibility are assets when entering new gaming markets as the rules and regulations evolve.

Once a company has entered a regulated gaming market, it is important to keep compliant with the market’s regulations. Net Entertainment is fully aware of these challenges, and operators will find that the company’s ‘market adapter’ will ensure that they are kept in compliance with any technical changes that are necessary. NetEnt makes sure to work closely with testing services and the various governing bodies to ensure that the company’s software is compliant with the laws in the various jurisdictions. Keeping up to date with the new regulated markets ensures that NetEnt is well-positioned to enter new gaming markets, and to comply with the different and changing gaming landscapes. 

Changes in the UK Gambling Commission Regulations - September 2014

 The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has made some changes in the regulation of the gambling industry in the UK. For those companies that are currently running offshore operations and are offering gambling in the United Kingdom, if they wish to continue to do so, they will need to apply for continuation licenses by 16th September 2014. The various amendments that have been made regarding gambling legislation in the UK are set to come into force on 1st October 2014.

 The change in legislation will serve the purpose of ensuring that all operators that offer gambling in the UK are held to the same standards and will have consistent regulation. This will allow for better player protection, with the UK government being in a better position to deal with any issues and risks that arise.

 Essentially, the UK Gambling Commission has shifted both the taxation and regulation of gambling companies from the place of supply to the place of consumption. 

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