Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

When first trying to understand casino bonuses, players may feel somewhat overwhelmed. While each NetEnt powered online casino will offer its own unique bonuses, for the most part, the basic NetEnt bonus structure remains similar. Understanding how casino bonuses work can help players choose bonuses that will be used to their advantage, rather than wasting a bonus, or finding that you did not follow the bonus terms correctly.

The most important thing any player should do be fore they make a deposit at an online casino is to read the bonus terms and ask the casino for clarification, in writing, if everything is not crystal clear. We are happy to do this on your behalf. Please contact us for help.

Basic Bonus Structure

Bonuses come in various forms, such as the new player welcome bonus which is usually offered as a match deposit bonus. Most NetEnt casinos offer a 100% match deposit bonus with an upper limit. This means that players can make a deposit and the casino will match the player’s funds, giving the player more money to wager with. The limit is an actually monetary limit.

For example, a 100% match deposit bonus up to $100 means that players can make a deposit of $100 and receive an additional $100 to play with, however, if they make a larger deposit, the casino in question will only match the deposit up to $100.

Some NetEnt casinos will offer free spins as a bonus to new players. Players should always make sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions before accepting any casino bonus.

There are certain key points to look out for when choosing a casino based on the bonuses that are offered, such as the wagering requirements, the game eligibility, penalties that could be incurred, possible cashout restrictions, and the match deposit percentage. Each casino bonus that has been listed on this site is analyzed by comparing these key points.

Size of Match Deposit Bonus

Players should keep an eye out for the match deposit bonus percentage. When a casino is offering a large monetary limit, such as a bonus up to a match of $1,000, with a 25% match from the casino, this means that players will need to make a deposit of $4,000 to receive the matched $1,000 bonus from the casino. If the match deposit bonus comes with a 100% match with a limit up to $1,000, this means that both the player and the casino will be putting in equal amounts of $1,000 towards the bonus total.

Wagering or Play Through Requirements

An important factor that we look at when analyzing bonuses on this site are the wagering requirements, or play through requirements. There are few things in life that are entirely free, with no strings attached, and casino bonuses are one of those things. For each bonus that is accepted, players need to fulfill wagering requirements before they are allowed to cash out or use their bonus winnings. Players have to play through their winnings, or their deposit plus their winnings a set number of times within a specified timeframe. When these play through requirements have been completed, players can then receive their bonus winnings. Players should ensure that they feel they can fulfill the wagering requirements within the specified timeframe, before accepting any bonuses. Both deposit bonuses and free spin bonuses are subject to play through requirements.

For example, at the BGO Vegas Casino, players may only play specific games in order to fulfill their wagering requirements. The list of games is found under the General Bonus Rules on the BGO Vegas site. The wagering requirement at BGO Casino requires that players play through the bonus a minimum of 5x before requesting a withdrawal of funds.

Different games contribute different amounts towards the wagering requirements.:

  • Bingo tickets that are purchased count 100% towards these requirements
  • Slots, apart from those listed, contribute 25% only
  • Video poker contributes 5% and
  • Card and table games contribute 2.5% towards the wagering requirements.

This means that for a player to redeem a bonus of £10, the player will need to wager either £50 on buying bingo tickets, or £160 when playing slots or scratchcards, or an amount of £2,000 at blackjack and other table games, or a combination of the above games. The amount that needs to be wagered 5x includes both the bonus given and the amount deposited in order to receive the bonus. This means that if a player deposited £10 and was given a bonus of £10, the player would need to wager £20 five times in order to fulfill the play through requirements.

Game Eligibility

When fulfilling the play through requirements, players will find that some games, such as slots, will count 100% towards fulfilling these requirements. Other games, such as blackjack, will not. Players should be sure to check which games offer the highest percentage towards fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements, and should rather choose those games to play when playing through their bonus winnings.

Penalties and Cashout Restrictions

Players need to be aware that if they do not follow the wagering requirements, or wish to have an early cashout, there can be some penalties incurred. Players may well lose their bonus winnings if they try to cashout early.

Players can incur penalties for playing prohibited games that do not count towards the bonus wagering requirements. While many casinos simply will not allow certain games to count towards the payout percentage, others have rules that if players play games that are specified in the fine print, they will have their winnings confiscated. No matter how straight-forward a casino bonus seems, players should always read the fine print. Players should also note that while playing to fulfill their wagering requirements, online casinos will not allow players to make double or nothing bets on video poker games.

Many online casinos will offer bonuses with play through requirements, however, players will not be handed the cash at the end of this, but rather have the cash available to play with in the online casino. From the casino’s perspective, the point of the bonuses are to help players build their bankrolls and play in the online casino. While some casinos have cashout restrictions, others do not, and players can freely and easily cashout their winnings once they have fulfilled the Terms & Conditions of their chosen casino bonus.

Knowledge is Power

In order to avoid penalties, such as losing your winnings if you try to cash out bonus winnings before you have fulfilled the wagering requirements, or having your bonus voided if you make a number of very big bets in a row, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge. Players need to ensure that they have read, and understood, the specific bonus Terms & Conditions, as well as the general casino Terms & Conditions regarding bonuses and cashing out.

While reading the Terms & Conditions is important, if there is any doubt as to the terms or procedures that need to be followed, players should also contact the 24/7 online casino customer support team. Customer support can clarify the bonus conditions for players. Players can save themselves a lot of frustration by ensuring that they have all the information they need regarding any casino bonuses.


While bonuses are a great way to increase and stretch your bankroll, players need to make sure that they are adequately informed of all terms and conditions. Some casinos are better than others, and the rating system we use to rate casino bonuses has taken into account the above points that affect bonuses and cashouts.

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