NetEnt Mini Games

As the name suggests, mini games are small and short games that are often inspired by or based on a hugely popular video slot or table game. While a regular game takes a long time to start up, a Mini game can be loaded alongside an active game and played while you are waiting for the longer version. Mini games in casinos are an important asset because they give your customers something to do while waiting, and entice players to make a quick wager just to test the waters!

Poker sites and sports betting sites often have a plethora of Mini games to keep gamers occupied. Casinos with Net Entertainment too have a fun and distinctive range of Mini games which include the smaller versions of popular table games like Mini Roulette, Mini Blackjack, and video slots like Mini Spell, Vault Assault, and Cash Bomb as well.

Great little time fillers, especially for casinos that are part of a Sportsbook.
Mini Game Roulette Pn

Mini Roulette

Instead of the 37 (if you are playing the French/European version of the Roulette), or the 38 (if you decide to go with the American Roulette) colored and numbered slots, the Mini Roulette from NetEnt gives you only 13 numbers on the spinning wheel. The small screen footprint of the game allows it to load faster and you can even use the 'Fast Play' option on the screen to speed up the process.

Mini Game Blackjack Pn

Mini Blackjack

Addicted to Blackjack and wish you could play the game even while you work? Then, NetEnt's Mini Blackjack is just the game for you. The game operates on the rules of single hand Blackjack and standard NetEnt payout ratios apply to the game. The game is played with 4 decks instead of the standard 52, and can be opened in a separate browser window or as a tab on your current browser window.

Mini Game Spell Pn

Mini Spell

This magical themed video slot has 5-reels and 20-paylines and the miniature version packs just as much punch as a regular video slot would. You have your expected mix of wild substitutions, scatter wins, and free spins bonuses. You can play the game with 1, 5, 10, or 20 paylines as per your choice, and the paytable dedicatedly keeps track of your wins. The payout rate for this game is quite high at 96.0%.

Mini Game Vault Assualt Pn

Vault Assault

Break the bank with Vault Assault; a mini slot game that is played with 3 reels and a single payline. But even in this miniature game, NetEnt provides players the opportunity to win a jackpot, albeit small, if all three reels show a 'Safe' sign after coming to a stop.

Mini Game Cash Bomb Pn

Cash Bomb

A mini-slot game with a progressive jackpot, Cash Bomb was one of the first in the series of mini games launched by NetEnt. The paytable shows the list of winning combinations and the payouts associated with them. Players who play the 3-reel, 1-payline slot game with the maximum bet of 3 coins stand to win the progressive jackpot that is displayed at the top of the machine. The game has a 95.4% payout rate.

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