Net Entertainment Annual General Meeting Coming Soon

Net Entertainment Annual General Meeting Coming Soon

Net Entertainment's Annual General Meeting is coming soon. The meeting has been set for Wednesday, April 29th 2015. The meeting will take place at 3pm in Stockholm, Sweden. All shareholders that wish to participate in the meeting need to confirm their participation by Thursday, April 23rd.

Proposed Agenda for NetEnt Annual General Meeting

The proposed agenda for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been published and sent to relevant parties. After opening the meeting, a chairman for the meeting will be elected, and the agenda will be approved. The nominating committee has nominated Vigo Carlund, the chairman of the Board of Directors to be the chairman of the AGM.

During the meeting, both Net Entertainment's annual report and the auditor's report will be presented, along with a summary of the financial statements and the group audit report. The income statement and the balance sheet will be officially adopted by a resolution that will take place at the meeting.

One of the agenda items includes the official change of the company's name from Net Entertainment NE AB (publ) to NetEnt AB (publ). Since the change of the company's name requires a change in the Articles of Association, this resolution must be passed by at least a two thirds majority of both the votes and the shares that are represented at the Annual General Meeting.

NetEnt Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, along with the Chairman of the Board of Directors will be elected at the meeting. The nominating committee has proposed that there be eight members of the Board. It is expected that the current Board members will be re-elected. The Board of Directors are Vigo Carlund, who holds the position of chairman, Mikael Gottschlich, Fredrik Erbing, Pontus Lindwall, Peter Hamberg, Maria Redin, and Michael Knutsson.

In addition to re-electing the above seven members of the Board of Directors, it has been proposed that Jenny Rosberg be elected to the Board for the upcoming year. Rosberg brings much experience with her to this new position.

It has also been proposed that Vigo Carlund continue as chairman of the Board of Directors. Should the need arise to elect a new chairman before the next AGM, it has been proposed that the new chairman be elected by the Board internally.

Deloitte AB is likely to be re-elected as the auditing company for the coming year, with a new chief auditor, Erik Olin, taking over.

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