Mr Green Objects to Austrian Tax Liability

Mr Green Objects to Austrian Tax Liability

Mr Green & Co received a large tax bill for its operations that took place in Austria. The bill for SEK 108 million (€11.7 million) has been queried by the gaming operator. Mr Green has objected to the Austrian tax liability that has been imposed on them.

Tax Liability Disputed at European Commission Level

Mr Green & Co and the Austrian authorities have been disputing the large tax bill for a number of months, and have not yet reached agreement on whether the tax should have been charged or not. While the Austrian tax authorities hold firm that the amount is owed, Mr Green disagrees, and has gone as far as submitting a complaint to the European Commission, and has filed an appeal with the Austrian Administrative Court.

According to the Austrian authorities, there is a 40 per cent taxation on gross wins on gaming that is levied on all those who operate online gaming in Austria. The taxation bill that Mr Green and Co received covers the dates from January 2011 until August 2014. The Austrian taxation authorities have explained that the gambling law applies to all those who have a local gambling license, and also to those operators who hold licenses in other jurisdictions.

Mr Green & Co asserts that the taxation should not have been levied in its entirety, and that they do not owe these taxes to the Austrian taxation authority. Mr Green holds a license with the Malta Gaming Authority, and pays Maltese taxes. According to Mr Green, in addition to the taxation going against Austria’s constitutional laws, it is also not complying with European Union directives that have been issued.

Per Norman, the Chief Executive at Mr Green & Co, said: "We contest the tax liability in its entirety and we are hopeful that our objections will be given due consideration. We are now seeking recourse through the Austrian courts and the European Commission."

Mr Green Makes Provision for Tax Debt

Although Mr Green is contesting the tax debt, the gaming operator has made provision to pay the debt while still contesting it. The company has sent a payment plan to the Austrian tax authority, and it is expected that the bill will be paid over the rest of this year and in 2016. Mr Green made provision to pay the bill during the fourth quarter of last year, and has now shown a net loss of SEK 28 million for its financial results in 2014.

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