NetEnt Heads Towards Gender Balanced Workplace

NetEnt Heads Towards Gender Balanced Workplace

 International Women’s Day took place this week, with companies around the world celebrating in a number of different ways. The day is set on the calendar to make the achievements, or women in political, economic, and social arenas, and to recognise, respect, and appreciate the contribution of women.

While many companies acknowledge the contribution of women to the workforce once a year, there are others, such as NetEnt, that know women are a key part of their success. As has been announced in the past, NetEnt is heading towards a gender balanced workplace, and expect to reach the 50/50 level by 2020.

Gender Balance at NetEnt by 2020

NetEnt has hundreds of employees spread across seven different locations around the world. Of its many employees, there are people from almost 50 different nationalities, which creates a diverse work atmosphere. The Senior Management team is gender balanced, and while gender balance has not yet been achieved amongst all employees, NetEnt is well on it way to reach this goal. The company expects to have achieved gender balance by 2020.

NetEnt has been actively working towards its corporate goal of gender balance since 2012. The aim of the company is to have achieved the 50/50 balance in all its various teams throughout the entire company. To reach this goal, NetEnt has set up a Diversity Group that meets quarterly to discuss the company’s progress.

Other measures that NetEnt has taken to reach gender balance include an equal opportunities policy, monitoring statistics within the company, ensuring there is awareness amongst management and employees, and a recruitment process that that has a diverse interviewing panel.

NetEnt has seen that the iGaming industry is usually gender biased towards men. In order to break this stereotype in the industry, NetEnt is making itself a role model to show that diversity, including gender balance, is part of the company’s success. NetEnt has been nominated for the AllBright prize two years in a row, and is on the AllBright whitelist of gender equal companies.

About NetEnt

Since 1996, NetEnt has been a pioneer in the gaming industry. The company offers casino games and other gaming solutions to online and mobile casino operators. NetEnt employs over 900 people in Stockholm, Kiev, Malta, New Jersey, Krakow, Gothenburg, and Gibraltar. The company is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm.

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