Emoji Planet Orbits Betsafe Casino

Emoji Planet Orbits Betsafe Casino

NetEnt has released a new slot, Emoji Planet, which is now orbiting Betsafe Casino. The casino is offering an excellent free spins promotion which runs until September 4th, 2017.

Emoji Planet had an early release at Mr Green Casino, and has now had its general launch at other NetEnt casinos. The slot game, with its Emoji theme, has been released close to the movie, The Emoji Movie, that has recently been released around the world.

Betsafe Casino
Play Emoji Planet Slot at Betsafe Casino today.

The Emoji Planet Slot Game

In order to benefit from the large number of free spins available on the new Emoji Planet slot game, make sure you are a real money player at Betsafe Casino. There are potentially three sets of free spins to be won each day of the promotional period. You simply need to follow the same steps each day, and you can win the free spins all over again.

In order to take part in the promotion, you simply need to get your smiley face on, and make a minimum deposit of €10. Once you have done so, make sure to wager at least €50 on the Emoji Planet slot. Once you have done so, you will receive 50 free spins. If you continue to wager another €250 on Emoji Planet, you will receive 30 BIG free spins in which each BIG spin has a higher value than regular free spins. If you continue to play the Emoji Planet slot game, and wager an additional €500 on the same day, you will receive 50 BIG free spins instantly. Regular free spins are worth €0.20 each and BIG free spins are worth €1.00 each.

In order to enter the promotion, make sure to click on the Take Part button. Although you only have to do this once before you start playing the slot during the promotion, if you do not do so, any spins you have taken on Emoji Planet will not count towards your total.

The Emoji Planet Slot Game

Emoji Planet is filled with some of your favourite Emojis including happy and sad faces, the smiling pile of poop, and a number of other popular and expressive yellow faces. The slot game has wild and sticky wild substitutions, along with a great Avalanche Feature. There are special Emoji Features that include the Kiss Mark Feature, Two Hearts Feature, Bomb Feature, Rocket Feature, and Pizza Feature.

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