Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is a great way to enjoy playing casino games from home, but it is essential for each and every player to be a responsible gambler when they visit any site. Responsible gambling can prevent problem gambling and can also help to provide players with a positive experience when they are playing real money games in an online casino, poker room or betting at a sportsbook.

Being a Responsible Player

It is your decision to play for real money online, but you must be aware of the risks that are involved. Not only can you lose money, but you can easily develop a gambling addiction online. Allowing your gambling to become a problem will affect many people, so it is essential to be aware of the dangers of playing online and to take the appropriate steps to get help when gambling gets out of control.

Being aware of the development of a problem is critical. Make note of your mood when playing. If it is not fun anymore, there may be a problem. Also, if you find you are overspending and playing with borrowed money that should be used for other financial things in your life, you may be heading down a road to addiction.

Help for Gamblers with Problems

While it is difficult to admit there may be a gambling problem, online players will be happy to learn that there are many resources that are available to assist with these problems. Most of the online casinos that are operating will offer some assistance. This can be by terminating an account or by setting deposit limits so that players cannot overspend. There are also special sites that have been designed online to offer counselling, tips for gambling responsibly and other information that will help overcome a gambling problem. Some of the top sites that can benefit players include:

United Kingdom

GamCare ( can offer support to those with a gambling problem in the UK. This organisation is available at and can offer chat rooms, forums and Help Lines.

Gamblers Anonymous is a worldwide organisation that can assist the problem gambler as well as their friends and family members that have been affected. Find more information at

Canada Organisations

There are multiple organisations throughout Canada that will offer the therapy and counselling that problem gamblers need to get back on track. Each organisation has a focus on the client and will provide tools and resources to address any issues of problem gambling. The top organisations include:

The Responsible Gambling Council at

Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre at

Problem Gambling Resources Network at


The government of Australia realises the significance of gambling problems and while there are no true online casinos in Australia, there are some amazing resources for residents. The Australasian Gaming Council ( offers many tolls and resources for players who have developed problems gambling online. This site is a one stop location for any individual that has issues with responsible gambling.

United States

In the US, responsible gambling is a major concern. With so many land based casinos and the new legalisation of online casinos, many US residents face the problems associated with gambling addictions. To help these individuals, The National Council on Problem Gambling ( offers help and treatment options as well as a complete listing of programs and resources.

Like in the UK, there are also many Gamblers Anonymous programs that are offered. With these, gamblers can address their addiction and learn the steps to become a responsible player again. Information about programs can be accessed at


In Sweden, there are many resources for those that have developed a gambling problem as a result of irresponsible gambling. The following sites can offer assistance to anyone who is dealing with a problem, whether it is a player or their friends or family members.

For residents of Sweden, Stodlinjen offers a guide for problem gamblers and provides phone, chat, email services and SMS messaging. This can be found at


The “Gluecksspielsucht Problem Gambling Hotline” is a preferred resource and can be accessed online or by phone. Much information regarding gambling tips, counselling and rehabilitation can be accessed at

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