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French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the standard roulette games from Net Ent. With this, players will follow European Roulette rules and will enjoy all game commands and betting options in French. This game has 37 spots on the wheel, lowering the house edge from the American Roulette version.

Why Play Net Ent French Roulette

This version of roulette presents players with amazing graphics that Net Ent table games are known for. French Roulette is designed for those who are looking for the best competition in the casino. Most players are inspired to play this version of the game because of the high quality of graphics, offering a realistic and authentic experience online.

The game offers the ability to customize certain setting so one can get the best experience and enjoyment. Some of the settings include display and sound settings and players can also engage an Autoplay feature so the bets are placed automatically. This can easily be disengaged and players can resume manual betting.

One of the main reasons many choose to enjoy French roulette is because it offers a low house edge of just 2.7%. This means that players have some great opportunities to win if they pay attention to past bets and spin results. With French Roulette, the single zero will only involve a straight bet. This version of the game also offers a Favorite and Special Bets Menu. Here, players can store their favorite bets in the account and easily place them at any time. One the right side of the screen, there are other special betting options.

Rules and Strategy

The best way to start playing French Roulette is to study the betting options, odds and payouts at the table. One will also want to known the minimum and maximum betting limits. Players will often experiment with different strategies, such as betting on sequential numbers or certain areas of the table. One of the best betting systems to use when playing French Roulette is the Martingale System. With this, bettors will double the amount of their bet until they win. This is a proven system and can result in some impressive payouts at the table.

New players can benefit from free version of French Roulette online. With this, they can try out various techniques and betting strategies and find one that offers the best results.

How To Play

When playing this version of roulette, players will choose bet amounts and place their chips on different spots on the table. The wheel will spin when all bets are placed and the wining number will be announced. All wining bets will be automatically paid.

The game does offer some great features, allowing anyone to customize their game to suit their needs. There are four different icons on the bottom of the screen. The question mark will offer all game rules and the Auto Icon will allow players to engage in Auto play for a set number of wheel spins. There is also a Music Icon where players can adjust the volume of the game.

The wrench icon will allow players to configure the following:

  • Dealer voice on or off
  • Music on or off
  • Sound effect volumes
  • Select between 5 soundtracks
  • Set Quick Spin option
  • Engage bet highlighting
  • Intro clip on or off
  • Set graphics quality

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