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Roulette from NetEnt is a basic roulette game and is a form of European Roulette. With this game, players will have many different betting options and can also maintain their budgets with the different bet amounts that are supported. With this game, there are great features that can be controlled and players will definitely enjoy the stunning graphics and animations in each and every round.

Why Play NetEnt Roulette

When players are looking for a great basic game of Roulette, this version from NetEnt is a top choice. The game is played following all standard roulette rules and players will only have a single zero on the wheel. This increases the odds to win with the game. The game graphics are exceptional and all table action is easy to see. There is also a magnified special bets window that appears, providing players with a list of Hot and Cold numbers from past rounds.

Players will love the betting options in the game, where they can place the standard inside and outside bets. There are also neighbor bets, special panel bets and race track bets, all increasing the excitement of the game and allowing bettors the chance to win more returns from their initial wagers.

Rules and Strategy

To be successful with roulette, players must understand that each bet on the table will have different odds and payouts. With this version of the game it is easy to learn all this information as it is offered in the pay table as well as by hovering over certain areas of the table. Once players understand the odds, they can place bets based on their budgets. The game is simple to play, though the betting options can be complex. There are more bets available with this game than any other in an online casino.

To benefit from playing Roulette, players should first start with the free version of the game. This will not cost any money and will help new players become familiar with the table layout and the payouts that are available. It will also allow them to learn how to alter settings.

Many players who have experience with the game will use the Martingale System as a betting strategy. With this system, one will double the amount of their bets until they win.

How To Play

When playing this version of Roulette from NetEnt, players will have the ability to adjust some of the game settings to suit their personal preferences. With the four icons at the bottom of the screen, players can control settings such as:

  • Toggling sounds on or off
  • Background Music
  • Speed of the game
  • Special Bet Option
  • Neighbor Bet Option
  • Game History, which is only available in a real money game

This game supports all the popular betting options one would enjoy with live roulette. There are inside and outside bets, special panel bets, race track bets and notice board bets. When playing, players will select the amount of their wagers from different chip sizes. They will click areas on the table to place their bets. Once all bets are placed, the wheel will spin and the result of the game will be announced. All payouts are automatically calculated.

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