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Vault Assault

With Vault Assault, players will find that he game offers frequent and attractive payouts. This classic three reel game is an affordable option with the maximum bet being just $1.50 per spin. This bet will make players eligible for the amazing progressive jackpot that is offered.

Vault Assault is a basic traditional slot that has a fixed coin value of $0.50. With a three coin maximum bet, players will find this game to not only be affordable, but to be rewarding as well, especially when the huge paying local jackpot is hit.

About Vault Assault Slot

Any player that appreciates a simple, yet rewarding slot will benefit from playing Vault Assault. This Vegas style game features basic symbols like bars, cherries and bells and players will not have to worry about the value of any special symbols. All payouts and symbols are clearly listed on the pay table.

Important Symbols

With this NetEnt traditional slot, there re no special symbols that add features to the game. However, players should watch for the high paying Safe icon. With this, players can win the jackpot if they have placed a three coin wager and get three safe icons on the payline of the game. If players only play two coins, they will win the fixed jackpot of 4,800 coins.

Payout Table and Win Potential

All payouts are clearly displayed when playing Vault Assault and players can also get a free view of the pay table on this page. The jackpot amount is not listed on the pay table as this value so always changing as players place bets. The base amount of the progressive jackpot is $5,000 and it will grow until a lucky winner hits the right combination to open the safes for a huge reward.

Bonus Features

This game is one of the most basic slots in any NetEnt casino and there are no bonus features to increase payouts. Players will have to rely on standard combinations to collect rewards and can have the chance to win the progressive with any maximum bet that is placed on the game.

Game Settings and How To Play

Vault Assault may seem like a simple slot, but players will find the game to be greatly rewarding. When starting to play, players will select how many coins to bet. There is only one payline and one supported coin denomination. Players can either bet $0.50, $1 or $1.50 per spin and each size bet will alter the amount of the payouts on the game. The progressive jackpot can only be won when placing a maximum bet, so players would be best to do this if their budget allows.

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