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Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers is one of the most successful video slots presented by NetEnt and it is the second video slot to achieve platinum status. With this game, players will enjoy a mining theme and will embark on a great adventure with the dwarves of the game, known as the Boom Brothers. The game is a 20 payline video slot that offers many added features and some of the most impressive graphics and animations. With this game, a base game jackpot of 7500 coins can be enjoyed and much more can be won with the special features and bonus round.

About Boom Brothers Slot

Playing Boom Brothers will definitely result in a rewarding experience as the game is loaded with exciting features and great symbols. With the main feature of the game being a free spin round, there is much to win when playing for real money. This slot is also available in a free play version for those that do not wish to place real money wagers.

With Boom Brothers, the game supports coins that range from $0.01 to $1 and a maximum of 100 coins can be bet per spin. Players will appreciate the dynamic game intro as well as the lively animations that are offered when winning combinations are created on the reels.

Important Symbols

The wild symbol in the game cannot be missed as it is alit bomb that appears anywhere on the reels. The wild can replace all game symbols with the exception of scatter and bonus icons. With the wild in play, it is possible create even more combinations for high payouts.

There are some special symbols like the rail track icon, and this is the key to triggering one of the bonuses, the Rail Track Bonus.  There are also Free Spin symbols, which as one would expect, will trigger the free spin bonus round in the game.

Payout Table and Win Potential

When playing this video slot for real money, they payouts are exceptional. The base game offers a reward of 7500 cons and a maximum of 112,500 can be won during the free spin round. All of the possible game payouts are depicted on the pay table, which can be viewed here or by clicking on the question mark icon at the bottom of the screen.

Bonus Features

Boom Brothers is loaded with game features for increased wins and one of the game highlights is the Rail Track Bonus. As mentioned, players will have to get three symbols with the words rail track on the icon. This will offer a 2x payout on the bet that has been placed. If players get four icons, they will enjoy a 3x payout and five pieces of the track will offer a 4x multiplier. It will also trigger the bonus round in the game. When this bonus begins, players will have to move a Boom Brother to different places. The goal is to push the selected dwarf five steps to win the most from the bonus.

By getting three Free Spin icons, the bonus round will begin and players will enjoy triple multipliers on all winning combinations. For every free spin symbol that appears during this round, another free spin is added.  The starting number of free spins will depend in how many symbols first appear to trigger the bonus. Each icon will reveal a number between 8 and 50, offering the chance to earn many free spins.

The game also has a second chance feature that is activated with a no-win spin. Here, one of four different features will be triggered. The Boom Brothers will appear and alter some of the symbols on the reels to help create a payout.

Game Settings and How To Play

Playing this game for real money is easy and the excitement starts with choosing a bet amount on the game. One will then spin the reels and see what exciting payouts or features are offered. With Boom Brothers, like many other NetEnt video slots, some game setting can be altered. The game also offers a quick max bet button for those placing the highest wager, as well as an auto play feature.

The speaker icon on the game will turn the sound on or off and the question mark will display the help menu as well as the pay table. Most game settings are changed using the wrench, which will allow players to alter:

  • Game animations
  • Ambience sounds
  • Quality of graphics
  • Game history
  • Sound effects

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