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Caribbean Stud Poker

About Net Ent Caribbean Stud Poker

With Caribbean stud Poker, players will enjoy a basic poker game that offers a bit of a twist. The game allows an additional side bet for just $1 to be placed, which will make bettors eligible for a progressive jackpot payout. The payouts are based on percentages for certain ranking hands and players with a Royal Flush will collect 100% of the jackpot. All other payouts are based on a standard pay table.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is an optional side bet that can be placed and with this, players who have a Royal Flush prior to a draw will instantly win 100% of the jackpot. Other hands in the game will collect percentages based on a special jackpot pay table. If players have winning hands but do not place the side bet, they will win the standard game payouts.

Aside from the 100% from the Royal Flush, other paying hands include:

  • Straight Flush Pays 2500:1
  • Four of a Kind Pays 250:1
  • Full House Pays 100:1
  • Flush Pays 25:1
  • Straight Pays 10;1
  • Three of a Kind Pays 5:1

Our Tips

With this version of Caribbean stud, players should follow basic five card poker strategies. Players will have to decide whether to play a poor hand in hopes of the dealer not qualifying. With wining hands, which are Jacks or Better, one can place a bet that is equal to their ante. In order to win, the dealer must qualify. If dealers do not qualify, all bets are returned. To increase the amount that can be won from the game, players are always urged to place the $1 side bet for their chance to collect eh jackpot payouts.

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