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Casino Hold Em

About NetEnt Casino Hold Em

Casino Hold Em is an online poker game that is offered in casinos that are powered by NetEnt. This game is very similar to Texas Hold Em and players will be playing against the computer instead of other players or the dealer. The game offers an AA Bonus, allowing additional payouts to be won with certain hand combinations. The game is played with a single deck of cards and players can select different bet amounts, which range from $1 to $100 per hand. The pay table of the game is clearly displayed right on the table, allowing those betting to always know what their payouts could be.

Bonus Game

With Casino Hold Em, players can place a side bet for $1. This is the AA Bonus bet and players will gain some extra profits based on the cards in their hands. If they have a pair of aces in their hand, they will win a payout. Higher ranking hands will also earn a payout from this bonus. A pair of aces through a straight in the hand will win a 7 to 1 payout, but if a flush or better is in the hand, a massive 25 to 1 reward is enjoyed.

Our Tips

When players first start the game, they can select from different chip sizes to place their bets. The initial bet is placed in the field on the table marked Ante and the AA Bonus also has its own field. After all bets are placed, click on Deal and the cards will be dealt. Players will get two cards and there will be three face up on the table. These three cards are referred to as the Flop and two more cards are added during the game. All cards on the table will count towards the hand and will help players create better ranking poker hands.

Players should always place the AA Bonus bet. For a small additional wager, it is possible to collect some great payouts, even if the main hand is lost. Casino Hold Em is a basic game that can easily be learned. By following some poker strategies, one can create great ranking hands for their chance to win awesome returns from the game.

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