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Hilo Switch


About NetEnt Hilo Switch

Hilo Switch is a unique table game at NetEnt casinos and is game offers a break from the traditional games like blackjack and poker. With Hilo Switch, players will simply have to guess whether a card that is dealt will be of higher or lower value than the one that is displayed on the table. The game is easy to play and one  will not have to learn any special rules or strategies to be successful at the tables. The game offers clear and crisp graphics and is a favorite among new gamblers in the casino. This game can be played for free and there is also a low and high roller version available so that bettors can bet amounts that suit their casino budgets.

Progressive Jackpot or Bonus

When playing Hilo Switch, there is a great chance to win a progressive payout. The game does not have a progressive jackpot per say, but players can win progressive payouts by taking the chance of trying to guess the value of another card. This game can offer some amazing payouts with correct guesses, but they should be aware that any incorrect guess will cause them to forfeit all winnings, collecting nothing at all.

Our Tips

With Hilo Switch, players will enjoy action with three decks of cards. One will start by placing a bet on the game. They will then see three face up cards dealt on the table. If there are any available switches, players can switch any of these cards for a new card. They will have to bet on higher or lower for a single card on the table. At this time, a new card is dealt. If players predict correctly, they will win and continue playing or choose to collect their payouts. A loss is suffered if players predict incorrectly or if the new card dealt causes a tie in value. The game will continue as long as they are correct, offering progressive winnings.


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