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Red Dog

About NetEnt Red Dog

Red Dog is one of the easiest table games to learn in any online casino and when playing the NetEnt version, players will enjoy vivid graphics and a realistic table layout. The goal of the game is to receive a card that has a value between the values of the first two cards that have been displayed. This single deck card game offers fast paced playing and can be very rewarding. This game offers progressive betting, where players can risk their prior winnings to increase payouts when playing for real money.

Progressive Betting Option

There is no bonus game or progressive jackpot when playing Red Dog, but players can enjoy progressive betting. This means that all winnings can be left on the table and used to place the bet for the next game. Players can keep doing this for as long as they want as a way to increase the rewards won. If players wish to collect their winnings, they can simply click collect and they will have to place a new bet for the next game.

Our Tips and Game Rules

With Red Dog, players will be playing with a single deck of standard playing cards. When the game starts, players will choose their ante amount. At this time, two cards will be revealed. If one believes that the third card will lie in between the values of the first two cards, they can raise their bet. Otherwise, they will call. All winnings are automatically added to the account. After a win, players can collect their payouts or use their winnings to place progressive bets for more payouts.

The game is very simple and there are no special rules. Many players will enjoy Red Dog because there are no strategies involved. The goal is to simply determine whether the third card will have a value between the other two cards. Since this game is so simple, it attracts many new players, though experienced gamblers will find the progressive betting to be a great option and a perfect way to boost bankroll balances.

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