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Trey Poker

About NetEnt Trey Poker

Trey Poker is perhaps one of the simplest forms of poker available online. However, players should not be fooled by the game’s simplicity. It is a very exciting poker game that can offer spectacular payouts. With this game, only three cards are used, but players will follow the same basic poker rules of other variations. The goal is to get a better ranking poker hand than opponents at the table. With this game, players can enjoy an easy to learn poker variation and will find that the rewards can be very profitable.

Pair-Up Game

When playing NetEnt’s Trey Poker, players will have the option to Pair-up. When this is done, they will bet on the chance that they will get a pair in their three card hand. This side game can be played along with the base game or players can choose to just play the Pair-Up feature alone. This version of three card poker is the only one online that offers a payout for a Mini Royal Flush, offering a 100 to 1 reward with the Pair-Up bet.

Our Tips and Game Rules

Every hand of the game will start with players placing their bets in the betting areas on the table. There are three different circles for chips. The first is a Pair-Up area where players will play the Pair-up game. The ante circle is for the main wager of the game and this is placed when one wishes to compete against the dealer. There is also the Call Bet circle, which is used after an Ante bet is placed. This is used when players wish to call in the game and win from the ante bet.

Like many other online poker games, Trey Poker has some rules for the dealer. For players to earn a payout with the Call bets, the dealer hand must qualify. This means that the dealer must hold at least a Queen high in the hand. If the dealer does not qualify, players will win an even money payout on the ante bet and a push on the call bet.

Since the dealer hand has to qualify, it is not required to have a strong hand to place a call bet. Players should bet on the Ante as well as the Pair-Up for the most action and the best rewards with the game. Players should always Call when they have a Queen high or better in their hand.


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