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Casino tournaments are fun to play and offer big money. Some of the most seasoned players enter these tournaments more for the fame than the money. If you have that competitive streak, you will find netent casino tournaments right up your alley. Each tournament has an entry fee and feature different formats, some of which are simple enough for everyone to play.

How Does a Casino Tournament Work?

There are various types of casino tournaments; however, the most common are the ticketed tournaments. To play a casino tournament all you need is the money for the entry fee, and Lady Luck by your side. The tournaments do not require any special skills so the playing field is pretty level and even an amateur can join in the fun.

The format for many netent slots tournaments is simple. You need to sign in to be able to play, and you will then be assigned a slot machine number and a session time. The start of the game will be notified by an official (do not start before you are asked to) and you would need to find your slot machine when the game begins.

Each player in the tournament has the same game parameters – for example 1000 credits, with 20 minutes of play time. Each time you hit Spin, the slot machine automatically deducts the credit for the maximum bet from your credit limit. A separate meter logs your winning credits. However, the game format does not allow you to replay these wins within the stipulated 20 minutes. When the time is up, the slot machine locks up automatically signaling the end of your session. You lose any of the 1000 credits that you may not have been able to play.

The winner of the session is determined by comparing your winning credits with that of other players and the names of the winners are updated on a leader board; typically after each session. It is possible to play the same casino game for multiple sessions or play different casino tournament games in the same casino.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Casino games come in various types. While the main format remains the same, a few of the details like the entry fee, and the kind of players allowed to compete can change.

Ticket Based Tournaments

As described above, ticket based tournaments are the ones where you buy a physical or virtual ticket to play at a casino machine. Most real life casinos have a certain number of machines set apart for tournaments, so you can play regular games as well or buy multiple tickets and try your luck on the big stage. NetEnt also sends out invitations to its players to join the tournaments hosted on its associate casinos.

High Roller Tournaments

In casino terminology, a 'high roller' is a big spender who wagers huge amounts of money. NetEnt rewards its high rollers with a special tourney specifically designed for them. The risks involved in a high roller tournament are big, but then the wins are even bigger as well. To participate in a high roller tournament, look up the various NetEnt casinos and check their tournament schedules.

Free tournaments

Free tournaments do not require players to make an initial deposit and NetEnt powered casinos organize many contests for their regular players. It is a nice way to get to understand the workings of these tournaments, and even if the wins are small the fun and experience of playing at a competitive level is unparalleled.

Sit and Go or ad hoc tournaments

The 1970 World Series of Poker set the tone for ad hoc tournaments in the gambling world, and today 'Sit and Go' tourneys are just as famous as their other counterparts. In an ad hoc tournament players can agree to change or rather bend the rules of the game prior to each deal. You can add additional wilds, increase or decrease the number of cards, alter hand values, and make other such minor changes which make the game more challenging and fascinating.

How To Read A Tournament Leader Board

The leader board in a slots tournament is an essential tool to help players win. At the end of each session, the winning credits of each player are noted and these are then updated on the leader board. Since the board changes with every new session, you can easily track where you stand in comparison to your fellow players. If necessary, you can always rebuy and play another session of the game to boost your standing. But you have to do so within the time frame of the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest winning credits or 'points' emerges winner.

In some cases, it is the number of rounds played by a gambler and not his total winnings which decide the victor. So always read the rules beforehand, and make sure you use the leader board to track your position in the game wisely.

How Do I find a Tournament?

NetEnt regularly updates all its players of upcoming tournaments as soon as they make an account with a NetEnt powered casino. The updates are sent via e-mail and you can also check the 'News' section on NetEnt site to look for news about upcoming tournaments.

How Do I Enter into a Tournament?

The number and frequency of slot tournaments can vary with the casino you are logged in to. But generally, in order to be able to play you need to have an account with the casino and should have made at least one deposit. This includes you in the category of 'real money players' and the casino automatically sends you notifications for every upcoming tournament making it easier for you to participate.

How To Win – Tips For Tournaments

It goes without saying that what works for one player may not work for the other. Most online casino tournaments do not require any particular skill, but you can always up your chances by choosing a casino that has a good hit rate. Since you only have limited time to play per session, it is also important that you play with complete concentration and try to use all your credits.

There is no fixed rule, but casinos do employ one of the following methods to choose their winner:

  • player with best pay out percentage at the end of play
  • player with best pay out percentage over 20 consecutive rounds
  • highest winnings at the end of play(most money win by a player)
  • highest winnings over 20 consecutive rounds of play

Read the casino rules before you join the tournament so you know exactly how the winner will be determined. Use the leader board to know where you stand in the game and use the rebuy option, if available, to play again and make the cut.

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