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Classic Jacks or Better Poker

About Classic Jacks or Better

Classic Jacks or Better is one of the most popular versions of video poker created by NetEnt. With this version of the game, players will start to collect payouts when they have a hand that has a pair of Jacks or better. The payouts will increase as the poker hands increase in rank. This game offers a top fixed jackpot of 4000 coins, which can be won when playing a maximum bet of five coins per hand.

When players select his version of the game, they will find that Net Entertainment casinos support both a single hand version as well as a multi-hand version. With multi-hand games, players can chose to play 10, 25 or 50 hands of Jacks or Better, all offers the chance to collect some great rewards. This Jacks or Better game is a full pay video poker game, making it one of the best choices for any real money player online.

Bonus Round or Gamble Feature if Relevant

There is a great feature in the game that is known as the double up bonus. This is offered after each winning hand in the game and will allow players to risk their original payout for the chance to double the amount. When this is selected, players will see five cards dealt on the screen. One of these will be revealed. Players will then have to select one of the remaining cards. If the value of the selected card beats the value of the revealed card, the payout will be doubled. However, if the value is lower, the original winnings will be lost. This option should be used wisely and most players will not risk large payouts by taking the double chance.

Our Tips

When playing Jacks or Better, a standard deck of playing cards is used. With the multi-hand version, each hand played will be done so with a separate deck. There are no wild cards or jokers in play, so all hand combinations come from the 52 cards in the deck. Using video poker strategies will be very beneficial and will help both new and experienced players know what cards to hold for the best chances of crating the high paying hands.

To enjoy the highest rewards from this full pay video poker machine, players should always place the five coin bet. Even though the coin denomination is fixed, the max bet of $1 is affordable for most players. Playing the 10 hand version will cost $10 and the 50 hand version $50 to play. The top payout of 4000 coins can only be won with a five coin bet. All other bets will reduce the payout amounts.

How To Play and Game Features

There are some great ways for players to customize the game. Classic Jacks or Better has a sound option, where players can click on the speaker icon to turn the sound of the game on or off. There is also a wrench icon that is available, and with this, players can control other game options, such as:

  • Sound effects
  • Double options
  • Game History, only offered when playing for real money
  • Fast Play Options

When the game starts, players will not have to choose a coin denomination since it is a fixed value. They will have to choose how many coins to bet on the game as well as how many hands they wish to enjoy. Once betting is complete, the game will automatically deal five cards to all active hands. Players will then make their choices on holding and discarding cards and all new cards are dealt. At this time, wining hands are highlighted and the payouts will be added to the account.

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