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Joker Wild Poker

About Joker Wild Video Poker

Joker Wild is a variant of video poker that has attracted the attention of many players. With this version of the game from NetEnt, players will have a standard deck of cards in play with two additional Joker cards. These cards are wild and can help to create some amazing hands that will result in massive payouts. Joker Wild is based on the rules of Jacks or Better and players will have the ability to alter their coin denominations as well as the number of coins being bet.

Since Joker Wild is a popular choice, NetEnt has created a multi-hand version of the game. When this is selected, players can choose to play 10, 25 or 50 hands of the game all at the same time. This drastically increases the chances of winning real money payouts.

Bonus Round or Gamble Feature if Relevant

Joker Wild offers players the chance to increase their collected payouts by playing a gamble game. This is offered after each winning hand and players will have the ability to double their winnings. When the gamble feature is selected, players will see a face down card on the screen. The will have to guess the correct suit of the card. If they guess correctly, the payouts are doubled. Players can choose to collect their winnings or they can continue to double as long as they keep winning. A wrong guess will result in the loss of the winnings and the main game will resume.

Our Tips

With this version of the game, players will see some different poker hands in the pay table. It should be noted that all payouts will start with Kings or Better. The top reward for the game is 4000 coins when players bet five coins and get a Natural Royal Flush. If players bet less than 5 coins, they will receive lower rewards, so it is always bets to make the maximum bet when possible.

The game can be played using basic video poker strategies and players will see that these can help them making their hand selections. Since the goal is to create the best possible hand, players need to know which cards to hold and which to discard. There are even times when all five cards should be redrawn.

How To Play and Game Features

If players have ever played Jacks or Better, they will easily be comfortable with Joker Wild. The only difference is the pay table and the use of two Jokers in the game. All payouts will start with Kings or Better, so players have to make note of this when they are choosing which cards to hold. To start, select how many hands will be played. Then select the coin denomination and the number of coins to play. The game offers a Max Bet button for simple betting when players want to place the highest bets possible.

To ensure players have control over the game, there are some options that can be altered. The speaker icon at the bottom of the screen will adjust the sound and allow players to turn it on or off. The wrench icon will control pother features like:

  • Sound effects
  • Fast play options
  • Always and never gable options
  • Game history, which can only be selected when playing for real money

This version of the game is also available in a free play mode, but players will not have the ability to collect any payouts. However, it is beneficial to new players who are learning game rules, payouts and trying to learn basic strategies to improve their game.

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